With offices in Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Wash., Mountain Logic Inc. manufactures energy efficient, automated home controls that give homeowners the tools to save money, energy and ultimately the environment. By using energy more wisely, we can cut home energy use by over 40 percent, which translates to thousands of dollars back in homeowners’ pockets. We are also committed to helping the environment because we know that if just half of U.S. homes installed MountainLogic’s home energy control system, global green house gas emissions would be reduced by 1 percent.

Our patent-pending MountainWise™ home energy controls use a proven technology to integrate lights, thermostats and occupancy sensors for every room. These sensors then anticipate each individual’s energy and comfort needs during all seasons of the year. By responding to what is needed, rather than producing unwanted energy, MountainWise lowers utility costs and overall energy consumption.

Ask your home builder, remodeler or HVAC technician for more information on MountainWise home energy controls and start lowering your energy bills today.


Scott Elliott is the CEO of MountainLogic. He has over 25 years of experience leading technology development ranging from biomedical imaging to consumer electronics. He founded Clinical Kinematics and has participated in several other start-ups. He lead engineering at EnerTec which delivered the first successful networked HVAC zone controls for commercial building. He also has experience with large volume consumer product development having spent 13 years hardware and software research and development leadership at Nintendo of America. He has 11 patents in his name with more pending in energy efficiency and consumer electronics. Mr. Elliott founded MountainLogic with the vision to slash homeowners heating and cooling costs using an innovative system of zone controls that he developed.

The MountainLogic Inc. name was inspired by an essay by Aldo Leopold entitled Thinking Like a Mountain.

The MountainLogic Inc. Logo was designed by Jacqui Ertischek.  She combined the imagery of the wolf form Thinking Like a Mountain with a real photograph she took near her home of the Chugach Mountain Range in Alaska.

MountainLogic Inc. and MountainWise are trademarks of MountainLogic, Inc.  Copyright 2009 by MountainLogic


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